Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why is it always a power struggle to change lanes while driving?

Are you the douchebag (not in an anti-feminist use of the word: it's a stupid name for a stupid product. probably concocted by a stupid man.) who won't let me over even though I've been using my turn signal and staring at you for the last 7 minutes?

You're so cool.


Why is it seen as a form of weakness to use your turn signal? I used to ponder this. Then I realized that in order to switch lanes (at least in Pittsburgh, PA) you have to forego the turn signal, step on the accelerator and force your way in front of the passive-aggressive driver who
can't seem to differentiate between common courtesy, the rules of the road, and being taken advantage of.

I'm not the only one who experiences this, am I? It's ridiculous and it happens almost every single day. What's the big deal? Why can't you just let me in? ...

We're traveling north. You're in the right lane and I'm in the left. I'm approaching my exit in about half a mile or so. I need to get to the right. I put my right turn signal on. You speed up just enough to not only keep me from passing you, but to keep me from getting in at all. Why you gotta be like that? Fine, you "win" jackass, I'm not getting ahead of you. But who do you think you are keeping me from going right at all? I drive a 4-cylinder vehicle so I didn't think I could pass you anyway. But I'm still way more cool than you. I just wanna get off. (That's what she said) Get off right, at my exit, that is. You f*cking greedy little punk. And you're almost always a dude. Ughhh. I bet you're short. You probably have a small package too. Is that why you're so angry? It is, isn't it? Well that's your problem and you should see someone about that. You make driving less enjoyable. You suck. Get over yourself.

I guess I just have to choose my battles. I.e., equal rights, animal rights, camel-toe symptoms, outreach, and prevention...


Anonymous said...

I've met a few LDM (li'l d'ck men) while driving--you've seen one, you've seen 'em all.

As far as choosing your battles: camel-toe awareness is sooo under-represented.

To say something sucks,is not always bad. For instance, I think your blog sucks! (Meaning: the GOOD type of suck!)

Blythe Landry said...

Is this whole post some sort of hidden dig because I don't even have a car, Costa?

Chrissy Costa said...

yes, this is all about you, Blythe, and how you would treat me if you had a car. i know you'd run me off the road. you'd probably call me short first ;)

Anonymous said...

during rush hour, i once let a whole lane of cars from the on ramp in front of me while cars behind me honked and tried to get around. i was in no rush and it felt kinda nice. while sitting there i wondered if maybe i was helping the traffic move more smoothly by just letting them the fuck on the highway. i know i've been that person coming in on the on-ramp quite a few times and it really pisses me off when shitheads speed up or tailgate so you can't get in.