Monday, November 30, 2009

Positive Self Talk

When does positive self-talk become a form of isolation?

For instance, Chrissy and I are supporting each other on this blog, but where is everyone else?

Those resentments aside, I mean, really. What is the point of giving positive messeages to oneself day after day after day if it is going to make you ostracized from, say, your entire social group.

I'll give you an example..I have a friend..let's call her "Lynn." She started to do all kinds of positive self-talk stuff, like posting notes to her mirror, going to therapy 18 times a week, and making sure to tell herself she loves herself and that she is beautiful at least three times per day..working out, attending church, the whole deal. You know, Stuart Smally kind of stuff.

Well, after trying that for a while, she really did totally change..
I mean not only did she start to act more mature (and, if I do say so myself, sexy), she also started to make more money, go on fancy trips and be the life of the party..

well, that is , she would be the life of the party if anyone had still invited her to their homes..

You see, that age old adage, "misery loves company," simply is is true it is true it is oh so true..

So what do you think has happend to accomplished, self-loving, abundant living Lynn? Well, none of her friends want anything else to do with that poor lass anymore..why? because she is in too damn good of a mood all the time..

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Chrissy Costa said...

there are lots and lots of haters out there who are happy when their friends are as miserable as they are. sad, but true. Well I say, "You go Blythe, i mean 'Lynn'". Good for you! sign me up for the next therapy session...