Sunday, November 8, 2009

Never Can Say Goodbye...

Have you ever felt a little violated by a text message that never seems to end?

Let me just say that there are a lot of people out there who have way too much time on their hands.

I blame the always-competing phone companies. Sorta...

I had this friend who only texted when absolutely necessary. Like during a fire or mugging. You know. One day she sent me a text that said "Hi". So I replied, "Hi". Then she said "Whatcha doin?". I replied, "Workin". Then she said, "How's it going"? To which I thought, "WTF", but said, "Ummmm, ok". Then she said something about her cats and I picked up the phone and said "You switched your text to unlimted, didn't you"? Of course she did. Why else would she send such nonsense. So now, for one low price, she can irritate the sh*t out of me and everyone else in or out of her network.
One day she was cool and aloof, the next, some needy cat woman with nothing to do but text. Such a sad story.
Texting, like email, is fast, fun and convenient. Unless you're like me and you think too much.
I find the most confusing texts are the ones sent to and from a new or potential love. You wanna say all the right things. You hang on their every word. You've got a great thread going. Then, all of a sudden, they stop texting and you're like, "What does THAT mean"?! You don't wanna over think or over text, so you do the next rational thing and stew over it for a few hours. You wonder if you said or did something that scared them away. You don't want to sound desperate, or ask too many questions. You're so unsure and perplexed, and the anticipation is so overwhelming over your "text rejection" that you go out and ass-bang someone else. What? And then you feel awful later when you find out that their battery died, or their Grandmother got stuck in a snowstorm, or they have a CricKet phone. Happens all the time.
And all you really wanted to say was, "Why don't you like me anymore?"
Then there's the text you send that was meant for one person, but sent to another. That's always fun. Especially if you were talking smack or sexting. And sexting is a whole new topic for another blog.
I also find that you can learn a lot through texting. For instance, I've discovered how many of my friends are illiterate.
Texters, hear me out: Every now and then go out and do something non-phone-related. Read a book. Go out and take a walk. Laugh (not LOL) at someone falling. It relieves stress and burns calories. And if you must text, for the love of something, please keep in mind that there's another person receiving and/or bowing out of the thread. I could go on, but I'm on a coffee date and my date is texting...or is it sexting? LOL, LMAO, ROTFLMAO, GNR, etc., etc.

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Blythe Landry said...

And all this from someone who can't even figure out facebook threads? My, my, my Costa...