Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jeans Suck

Dear God-

My 35th birthday is tomorrow and, um, all I wanted was to look decent in, say, any pair of jeans I tried on.
Well, no such luck.
I've been a good girl all year, and even thought -at least for a few minutes in there- of someone other than myself, but, all I get in return is a lousy look in True Religion jeans.

Gee, thanks.

What ever happened to jeans for girls who, say, have hips? I mean, who aren't a negative zero?

And, I mean, what about all the types of jeans that even Claudia Schiffer would look ridiculous in?

I mean, what is it, God, with short zippers and stuff. Or leather shoestring like lace-up deals?
How do you expect someone, like, say, Chrissy, for instance, who is all of 1.5 inches tall to zip something like that up and still be able to see over the top of her pants?

So, I guess what I am saying is, not only did you flake on me in the jean department, but you also flaked on my friend Chrissy.

Neither of us can wear most jean types and, even on my birthday week, I get no respite.

Well lah dee da. Guess I'll behave better this year....


Anonymous said...

what's up with skinny jeans??? i was almost tempted to get some today so i could wear some killer boots but then i remembered i'm not skinny. So i guess i'll have to wear freakin' galoshes with my low-rise stretch flare leg button flys. Jeans Suck.

Chrissy Costa said...

This is precisely why I wear skirts...

Actually, I just snagged a pair of Lee boot-cuts w/ a matching jacket. Whether you're 5'1 or 1.5 (as Blythe insists I am) they look great. And you can barley see my deodorant stains on the waistband.

6 and one half, half a dozen in the other. i think. point is, we're all the same. we all take our panties off one leg at a time. be it one or three legs.