Friday, March 5, 2010

Why Do I...

Why is it I INSIST on watching shit that makes me sick to my stomach? this show, "I Shouldn't Be Alive," for instance, where men are "SAVAGELY" malled by wild animals (as if being just plain malled by a wild animal isn't bad enough) and young couples are lost in deserts only to find that a man had died in that same spot on the exact date one year prior..or how about the the weird and ugly show where the hyena gives birth through the same hole that you and me go pee pee out of and sometimes dies during birth; or like, and THIS ONE IS REALLY REALLY SICK, watching people like Tiger Woods, John Edwards and another one of those gay conservatives make an apology for living a double life while I could be watching quality programming like "All My Children," local television commericals, or "Celebrity Fit Club," you know, the real top notch television out there.

But no, I waste it watching junk. Junk that makes me nauseated and sad and terrified that my partner or, perhaps, even one of my beloved neighbors may come and murder me in the middle of the night (48 Hour Mysteries)...

I mean, all of these things make me sick when I watch them; like say, nauseated or short of breath or downright paranoid, depending on which one you are talking about, and I CAN'T STOP WATCHING THEM..

In fact, I plan my week around these things, as though it were my job or something.

I love it. I dream about it (when I am not dreaming about missing persons or animals missing limbs or people lost in the wilderness and finding ways to live while doing sit-ups throughout the night in the middle of a canyon with a broken pelvic bone while suffering from hypothermia) and when I am not sleeping my heart beats faster the closer the show is on my tagged film list throughout the night.

I just can't figure it out.

It is love and hate.

Lust and disgust.

Push me pull/me.

See how close I can get you so I can vomit all over your face kind of alluring, you know?

I don't know..Maybe I never will.
But I can guarantee you that if I get lost in the wilderness in arctic temperatures without food, water, or friend in site...I WILL not only know how to survive, but will be able to do so with a keen sense of what a stalker or an attempted murderer would look like, how to avoid killer bees and venomous snakes, knowledge of how to skin a rat, and awareness of the most direct way to get out of a waterfall ....and I'll be able to do it all with the latest American Idol winner's song in my heart...

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Chrissy Costa said...

i'm thinking the real problem isn't the television...doot dee doo, oh, what? did i say that?