Thursday, January 14, 2010

I often nod my head and agree...

...but that doesn't mean i'm listening.

And it doesn't mean i know what you're talking about...

Just this morning an entire conversation was had with someone else and apparently myself. I'm not sure how long the conversation was, and cannot recall what i said. I do remember thinking, "that's a big banana", but i vaguely remember putting it in my purse. I don't even like purses anymore, but i guess they're necessary, especially if you're going to be carrying around big bananas.

She kept rambling on about something, fire extinguisher, i don't know. My breasts were extra full today and i was in admiration.

Then she said, "Okay, i'm leaving, did you get that all?"

And I said, "Yah, don't rush, it's foggy outside." Irony? Coincidence?

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Blythe Landry said...

So that is what you've been thinking about when I go on-and-on?
Is that why you prefer our phone conversations to in-person dialogue, Costa?
Good thing you came out and admitted it, because now I am safe to admit things like,
I take showers and shave my underarms the entire time you are babbling on...or that I once went to the grocery store, bought motor oil for the car I don't even have and then came home and you were still just talking and talking and talking..about banannas....