Monday, December 7, 2009


Okay, I am reasonably tall-I mean, average at least..let's say like 5'6" .5, if that makes any sense to the non-seamstresses out there.
So, why is it that I simply cannot find a pair of pants that don't get scuffed in the snow?
I mean, really?
For example, I have fairly long legs, so my friend tried to buy me a pair of "tall" pants for my birthday this year. I tried them on and looked like Chrissy Costa trying to wear pants for anything taller than a gnome.
They were really long, that is.
So, I, of course, had to bring them back.
Next, I went and got "regular" length pants, and was really excited to wear them today.
Of course, last night it snowed and, um, even though I have little wedgie shoes on my cuffs are still soaked in snow salt..
um, how is that possible?
Am I already shrinking at 35?
Well, thath brings me to another issue...
Why is it that we are born shorter than our parents and, in many cases, stay there, but by the time they are in their 70's or such, they are like down to our kneecaps.
My mom is like the cutest, but she is starting to resemble Lilly Tomlin in my favorite movie of the 80's The Incredible Shrinking Woman-
Speaking of, I always wanted to be Lilly Tomlin, but that only came true in the gay way.
At least, I think that is the case--I mean, if I keep buying shorter pants and they keep dragging on the ground, then, um, perhaps the next step is me shrinking so much that I end up falling down the drain of a sink too.

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Chrissy Costa said...

I would respond to this but my pant cuffs are wet and I can't reach the keyboard...